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Training Materials

Healthcare Professionals:

Healthcare Professionals in Ireland can obtain free training devices and How To Use DVDs by calling our Medical Information Team on Freephone 016869342


Patients requiring free training devices are asked to contact their GP and/or Pharmacist and ask them to apply for training materials and train you (and refresh their own training) in their administration before giving them to you.


How to Use Video

Copies of our how to use video can be downloaded free of charge by right clicking the following link and depending on your browser selecting 'Save As' or 'Save Target As'  Anapen Ireland How to Use

Please note this training video is in Apple's Quicktime Format.  The installer for this video playback software can be found here: //



Since Anapen is no longer available in the United Kingdom, Lincoln Medical have ceased production of Anapen training devices. You as trainers and healthcare professionals should not be seeing any patients with Anapen devices on their person; Anapen was the subject of a voluntary recall in May 2012, and any devices which were not returned as instructed and are still in the market will have expired.  No further Anapen devices are being released to the UK market at this time.

Pharmacists and other Healthcare Professionals based in the United Kingdom should direct their enquiries to Lincoln Medical Ltd whose contact details can be found here.


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